Our Holistic Excellence Mission

To provide leadership and expertise in the implementation of Holistic Excellence in relation to:


Primarily our mission is to encourage a passion for life-long learning! We aim to foster this love by learning something new and exciting every day, encouraging the children to learn something from every one and every situation. Fostering a love of learning through enquiry, experimentation & reasoning also encourages the children to be agents of their learning journey by extending on their interests.


Preparing the children for school using an Integrated developmental approach that acknowledges each child’s own unique growth patterns. Our Interest based, child initiated projects and programs as well as authentic, ‘real time’ developmental assessments aim to ensure that each child’s individual developmental needs are nurtured.


Fostering secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between staff, children and families is an important priority. Our Mission is to ensure that our interactions are authentic and respectful based on the principles of the F!SH Philosophy; The children are also encouraged to interact respectfully with educators, peers and family members through role modeling, discussions and guidance.


Our service aims to foster an understanding of the importance of our wider community by encouraging the children to be active participants of the society in which we live as well as being aware of our role in the Global community through local and cultural celebrations. Our imbedded inclusive practices aim to foster a culture of care, empathy and respect.


We acknowledge the significance of health and hygiene as part of a child’s wellbeing but also understand that it is not limited to this. Catered gourmet meals, weekly sports programs, yoga classes and an art studio for creative expression are all also important in fostering children’s wellbeing through care, patience, empathy and self-regulation.


Our Pedagogy acknowledges that the environment is the child’s third teacher, and as such, fostering love and respect for the environment in which we play and learn is a critical element of our Holistic excellence. Our mission is that we ensure that our ‘home away from home’ environment is always aesthetically pleasing and inviting for all of our stakeholders.


As educators, we believe that the family is the child’s first teacher. Empowering the partnership between the centre, staff and the families enables us to best meet each child’s individual needs. These strong, respectful and reciprocal relationships with the stakeholders of our centre allows everyone to feel invested in the service delivery and make it their own! .

Literacy & Numeracy

We understand the importance of starting the children off on the right foot for their life long learning journey. Developing early literacy and numeracy skills are very important part of this first step! As educators, we ensure that we are fostering this skill by relating to early math, science and literacy concepts in our everyday learning environment through experimentation, hypothesising, enquiry and reasoning.

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